3. Other Installations :
3.1.Wind Installations: use the wind s energy and transform it in electricity, this energy is stored in a battery in the same mode like the photovoltaic installation, then this current will be convert in useful current
   - we install small wind generators (power generated : less than 1000W), because Romania hasn t zones with strong wind, except Dobrogea, Moldova s hills and high mountains zones where the wind is stronger
   - it contains a high metalic pole 10 - 12m, fixed on 3-4 directions with cables 4 mm
   - a wind installation will complete the photovoltaic installation s energy when the sun is weak and the wind starts to blow; it functions in a complementary mode with a solar panel
   - the price is between 400 and 800 euro - all installation (depends of the power generated)

3.2.Heating the water of the swimming pools: in this case we will use the a thermycal solar installation - the same mode presented on the "page 1 - products", but we will use only the thermycal solar panels and the temperature controller controlerul, and we can use the same pump that will filter your swimming pool s water
  - the panels area necesary is half from the swimming pool s area

  - a important condition to heat the water in a economical mode, is that your pool has to be covered - it s about a automatic cover - it open/close using a automatic mechanism; we install this type of "cover" - this helps to keep your water hot during in the night or cloudy days, so you can swim comfortable




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