2. Instalatii solare fotovoltaice (for electricity):
     - Street Lighting - is a street pole mounted on the area that you want to be illuminated at night

- contains : - metal pole 2"-diameter, in height from 3 to 5 m
                        -the lamp with LED 15W, 220V (long life of function 100.000 hours and light power equivalent - 80W 100W normal, old lamp)
                        - solar panel 90W (monocrystalline cells – warranty 25 years)
                        - solar battery 12V (50 – 250Ah depends on the function time in the night)

                        - inverter 100W (transforms 12V in 220V alternativ current

- battery charge controller and photoelectric cell
                        - the advantages are :
                            - free energy (the solar panel charges during the daylight a battery and you have light during the night)
                            - lighting areas where there is no light
                            - if you have many street poles, you don t have to connect wires between the poles, each street pole has his own solar panel - his source of energy
                            - it can be made to function all night long or only a few minutes using movement sensor
                            - autonomy : 7 nights consecutive at once charging battery (in the case that the sunlight is low)
         -  the price of this installation is between 450 - 850 euro (assembly included)
         - warranty for the installation : 5 years, for the components between 2 si 25 years (depends on each provider), and the technical inspection of the installation is done by us each year, it is free in the warranty period and it s indicated that our company to handle maintenance of the installation after the warranty period

    - other photovoltaic installations :ensure all electricity for all home, using bigger solar panels (180W) Other details - photovoltaic products

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