1. Thermal Solar Installations (for hot water):
- is calculated based on the number of people and hot water requirement
- the advantage is that hot water is free during the whole period of the year, less in winter when the yield is lower (because the shorter days and very little sun)
-The content of the installation :
- solar panels (absorber type TINOX most cost-effective even for the cold season - imports Greece), total collector area of 4 square meters start up
-boiler with heat exchanger at least 200 l (with one heat exchanger or two heat exchangers - if you want to install a central heating too, to heat the same water in the wintertime)
- recirculation pump (low consum - 35W)
- temperature controller
-expansion vessel
- fittings (copper pipes, valves, sense valve, safety valve, manometer...)
- solar antifreeze (5-10 l)

- the installation price starts up at 1800 euro (assembly included, and is for 3-4 persons, fora house)
- for the people who live at block of flats, we have a solution too to heat the water using solar panels; the price in this case (about 1500 euro / flat with assembly included)
- another exmple to heat the water at hostel, school, hospital the price in this case can be about 10000 euro

- the warranty for all installation is 5 years and the components have between 2 and 5 years (depends of each provider), and the technical inspection of the installation is done by us each year, it is free in the warranty period and it s indicated that our company to handle maintenance of the installation after the warranty period.


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