As you can see, every day the effects of air pollution are more obvious: very high level of dust and smoke, especially in urban ambient air component deviated from normal, the level of carbon dioxide and monoxide above the limit allowed, effect more pronounced global warming and climate change but also unusual occurrence of many diseases in both plants and animals and humans.

God gave us the opportunity to remake our planet by using clean and inexhaustible resources of sun and wind mainly, but also other natural and clean energy sources. Everything depends on us how we can use this energy to save our planet and especially to think good of future generations, children, grandchildren and our grandson.

The good thing is that eventually we are saved by the sun if we know how to use its energy inexhaustible, clean and free!!! The sun provides us around 1200-1600 kWh per square meter in a year which is a large amount of energy. Unfortunately not all the energy you can capture, but is sufficient to have hot water, electricity, even central heating, free and clean.Taking into account Romania s geographical latitude, we have to favorable weather conditions, a solar radiation that can capture 1000W per square meter of about 50% for water heating and as a proportion to obtain electricity.



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