The company Dorinsolar was founded in 2010 by Eng. Dorin Circo at Brad, Hunedoara, Romania. Professional qualification :

- electronics engineer certificate

- professional welder (metal structures and tinning copper) certificate

- practical experience in thermal and electrical installations (work in Spain 4 years)

- practice and documentation in solar energy (2 years)

The domain activity of the company is design, installation and maintenance - solar / wind installations and central heating:

- thermycal installations with solar panels, requirements in order to obtain hot water at home (ensure hot water over 80% of the year: spring, summer, autumn and winter - less)

     - this type of installation is based on the transformation of solar energy into heat to heat water necessary to provide housing, camping. At products page 1 you can see the contents and price of this kind of installation
     - we install modern central heating wood, too, these can function in a complementary mode with solar panels to produce the hot water at the same thermal boilers

- photovoltaic installations: street lighting with solar photovoltaic panel

     - this type of installation is based on the photoelectric effect of PN junction in silicon material (photovoltaic cell), namely the conversion of solar light energy into electricity. This energy is stored in batteries and used at night, so you have light at night, in your desired area (garden, way, montain chalet or hostel isolated). The components and the cost of such a street pole with solar panel can also see at products page 2.

- other installations :

   - wind installations
   - ensure electricity power to all home (using solar energy)
   - heating water in swimming pools (using solar energy)
   - modern central heating using wood
   - different installations - central heating on solar energy for all house in the winter - more expensive but a possible installation, too

© Dorinsolar, 2010

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